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Companies team up against the Coronavirus!

Chris Van de Voorde and Sofie Vandenbriele
join forces against the consequences of the Coronavirus and
want to inspire you to do the same.

Are you urgently looking for work or could really you use some extra hands?

Do you have inspiring best practices to share?
On which important non-urgent tasks does your team focus?

Shout it out on #TogetherAgainstCorona
and get through this Coronacrisis unscathed.

About Chris

Chris Van de Voorde is the founder of JuuNoo, inventor and manufacturer of a 100% circular wall structures that ensure smooth installation and is equally performant to traditional systems.

If you would have to describe Chris in one word, it would be “productivity”. Not only within his own company, but it’s also the whole idea behind the JuuNoo wall structure, both in installation and purpose.

When Chris saw how the economy started dwindling due to the Coronavirus, he was one of the first people to jump into action and started looking for an opportunity to contribute in a positive way.

Alfatex Juunoo

About Sofie

Together with her partner, Sam Bulik, Sofie runs the high-end trade stand builder business, Bulik Standbouw.

While one event after the other started to be canceled due to Coronavirus, threatening the complete trade fair sector, Sofie went straight into actionmode and started to ask around for other jobs for her ninja’s (= the Bulik workforce), so they wouldn’t have to stay at home because of economic unemployment, which never amounts to anything for anyone.

Chris picked up their message and together they came to the idea behind #TogetherAgainstCorona, inspiring other companies suffering economically from the Coronavirus to do the same.

Now it’s your turn…

We hope, by now, you are inspired to go on and start looking for opportunities yourself!

You can do this by visiting #TogetherAgainstCorona and letting your fellow entrepreneurs know
what you need or want to contribute.

In doing so, you will not only find business opportunities yourself, but will also inspire others to do the same.
Make sure to keep all of us updated on your success stories!

Let’s team up

Are you a stand builder or office builder yourself?
Make sure to reach out to JuuNoo at or call Chris on 0473 46 26 50.